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Silver-Zone is a social networking web site intended for people of senior years where one can meet ones' peers in a friendly and informal online environment,  we set no strict age statutes and much prefer that our members decide for themselves whether or not if the site is for them.

The site provides conversational and discussion forums in various categories to appeal to most tastes or other such categories can be created upon request  - each member can produce their own online web log (blog)  if they wish and each member can build (or limit) their member profile to the particular level they require.
Access to the site is free but is by membership registration only as this makes it easier to ensure members' privacy on the World Wide Web and also helps  to keep out spammers and other online undesirables.

You can contact the website admin by clicking here and using the web contact form.
For details of T&Cs and other boring stuff  please see this page.

  • Guest Forum:

If you're feeling adventurous, brave, cheeky or are just plain curious   then you may post (without having to register) in our Guest Forum Feedback topic by clicking here

How to register:

  • Standard Self Registration:

Standard self registration involves submitting a form with your chosen username, a valid email address for registration confirmation, date of birth details and successfully  completing a simple captcha mathematical security question.
On successful registration form submission a welcome email is sent to your registration email address then following pending  administrator approval (so there could be a short time delay) a further activation email  is sent containing a one time login link which allows you to set your user password to that of your own preference.
Click the "Create new acccount" link on the log in form below or click here to start standard self registration.

  • Acccount creation by Admin:

Those persons who may feel that the registration form may be too challenging or who may have other issues can have their account registrations created manually by the administrative team by completing the appropriate web form  by clicking here