The legal stuff (cookies and privacy) and the commonsense stuff (rules):


This is where we (the website) have to tell you (the user) is that what you submit (content) to the website is your own responsibility and that your content should fall in line with the website guide lines (look in commonsense stuff).
We also have to tell you about the website cookies and how they exist to make your user experience easier and more interactive but with the caveat that by being aware of the use and the presence of the cookies and in then continuing to use this website that you (the user) give your implicit permission to accept and leave these cookies on your device ( PC, tablet, smartphone etc.)
We also have to tell you that the minimal personal information that we hold about you in our database is held securely and is not passed onto to any third party and is used only for the internal and statistical purposes of the website management.

Commonsense stuff:

This is where we ask you (the user) to conduct yourself responsibly and respectfully when submitting content  and also  when interacting with other users and the site administration - in the event of any disagreements, inter-user complaints or such like which ultimately  may require administrative intervention decisions then those decisions will be final.
Any user with any concerns are asked to duly contact the administration to discuss and address the same.

We want SilverZone to be a friendly, informal and fun place to be and ask all users (members) to bear this in mind - we've all seen what can happen in social networking when things go sour so there's no reason to expand on that.

Thank you for reading and digesting

Site administrator